DashCash is a perfect e-cash system in the world

DashCash is a world-renowned cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy protection and transaction speed. DashCash's annual full-node mining output decreases by 8%, making DashCash even more scarce. Unlike Bitcoin's lack of incentives for nodes, DashCash implements complete block rewards for master node holders. To hold the master node, users must hold 1,000 DashCash as a "margin". This deposit is always under the full control of the master node holder and can be freely controlled by the holder. High anonymity: DashCash uses the technology of anonymous sending and the decentralized network server "master node" to obfuscate transactions, so that transactions cannot be tracked and inquired, achieving high anonymity. Instant sending: Bitcoin network takes 10 minutes or even hours to confirm the transaction. DashCash can be sent instantly, anywhere in the world, any individual, complete the transaction within 1 second.

Create masternodes

In order to hold the masternodes, users must hold 1,000 DashCash as "margin". This margin is always under the full control of the masternodes holder, and can be freely controlled by the holder. In other words, the margin will not be locked in any way. However, once the margin is transferred or paid, the corresponding masternodes will be offline and stop receiving block chain rewards.

Development Team

DashCash’s core development team is the most solid foundation and guarantee for DashCash. Its members come from multinational technology development experts and financial elites. The world’s first full-node reward mechanism can effectively solve core security issues such as computing power attacks and double spending. The payment is safer; the payment speed is faster, only 1 block confirmation is required, and the global transfer is completed within 1 second.

Outstanding advantages

Course and Plan

DashCash's underlying technology has achieved breakthroughs in six areas, including 8M blocks, lightning networks, signature algorithms, masternodes rewards,resistance to quantum computer attacks, and optional anonymity. Mobile light wallets and block chain browsers will be launched in 2019, and the team will continue to develop wallet-related products and implement applications. DashCash's source code is released on Github, the world's largest open source program website. Digital money enthusiasts from all over the world are welcome to participate in the construction of DashCash community and contribute to DashCash.

  • May 2018
    Test Network Facilities
    Test signature algorithm
  • Jun 2018
    Visual User Interface Testing
    Test of Masternodes Reward
  • Jul 2018
    Closed network
     completion test
    Testing Network
     Open Testing
    Improvement and optimization
     of consensus mechanism and
     signature algorithm
  • Aug 2018
    Integrate into Lightning Network
    Optimization of Masternodes Reward Mechanism
  • Sep 2018
    Wallet Update
     and Upgrade
    Wallet Network
     Node Upgrading
    Wallet Technology
     White Paper V1.0
  • Oct 2018
    Research and
     development of wallet
    Distributed network
    Synchronization optimization
     of block network nodes
  • Nov 2018
    Enhancing Network Security
    Windows Wallet Upgrade
  • Dec 2018
    Anonymous Payment Upgrade
  • Online Exchange
    Research and Development of
     Mobile Light Wallet
  • Global Masternodes Network System
    Achieving the Research and Development of Applications
     and Relevant Products